The rise of Twitch as the go to music streaming service has artists going crazy over the new platform and is one reason as to why people are now choosing to buy Twitch views as well as going to get SoundCloud plays. This is what everyone is talking about, have a read see what you think and see how you can benefit from using such a service.


Twitch the Amazon owned streaming service that is taking the world by storm ! The rise of Twitch is something every streamer has been talking about. Twitch you might be thinking is a gaming live stream service ? Well yes it is but now its becoming the go to streaming service being used by many musicians artist and Top DJs to earn money. since the Covid 19 pandemic has prevented them playing live shows and festivals around the world and now since Twitch collaboration with the well know soundcloud audio streaming service this has given marketers a variety of ways to participate with performers in live streams boosting its viewership by up to 14% and near 36 million this year according to eMarketer that is around 16% of the U.S. digital video audience.


I’ts paid sponsorship that can help to rech audiences especially teens and adults sine they are the large majority of an audience at live concerts and consume digital media more than say older generations . This collaboration with soundcloud is a great way for Twitch to push the platform beyond the online gaming and live sports  leagues .We all know Streaming isn’t new musicians and djs have been using these platforms for years but now since a majority of the world is on lock down creatives are using these platforms more and more Twitch , Soundclound and mixcloud have great tools to take their fans behind the scenes and show the creation of their art this is a great way to engage with your fans, and a form of revenue you can monetize . Fans of all creatives love to see what goes on at your rehearsals or studio time and most would even pay for this, think of it like watching a documentary on the making of Star Wars or a nature program we all like to see behind the scenes .


Be creative think about what your going to stream then think umm what would my fans like to see or what would I like to see from my idols or even post a poll on twitter. Once you decided your ready to stream next all you really need is a webcam and a mic , spend some time getting good sound quality . Once your happy with the sound Go live get a feel of whats resonating with your audience make them feel like they are hanging out with you this is the most powerful thing with Twitch your fans will feel a connection with you breaking the ice , even joking around talking about how you messed up the strings or bass. Embrace the live streaming Culture it will help you connect more with your fans and understand who they are and what they like about your music .