Years ago, aspiring singers and musicians had a hard time getting their music out there for the world to hear even the most talented artist.Now to get noticed things are different since now you have tools and services to help your chances of being heard and noticed ,soundcloud for instance has free tools to help you on your way and save you from selling your music on the streets with soundcloud you have endless variety of ways share your music and passion .

We are not trying say its not still hard to make it big but with tools like soundcloud there are more opportunities than before easily upload your music follow other people and connect with other artist and even create opportunities to collaborate.Follow the lead of artist like post Malone and make a huge impact . Take Kehali for instance she started her SoundCloud career in early 2015 and had a million total plays by the end of the year. It just goes to show that a few music uploads can bring the hype that might catapult a musician’s career.Soundcloud has done a really great job of becoming the go-to site for lesser-known acts to become famous many musicians take to the sprawling expanse that has made Soundcloud what it is today to share their work and develop meaningful fan bases often the go to service before appearing on something like Spotify its and excellent way to create a fanbase that will intern follow you on other services like Spotify , iTunes etc