SoundCloud is partnering with Twitch, how does this affect you and how are things going to shape up within the music industry ? We noticed that artist who went to buy SoundCloud followers we also going to buy Twitch followers. All SoundCloud Pro, SoundCloud Premier and Repost by SoundCloud artists can sign up for an account at Once your account is created, drop us a line via this form and Twitch will fast-track your channel to Affiliate status, letting you earn revenue from your streams right away. (Twitch will email you with an invitation to their affiliate program within a matter of days.)


Once you’re signed up, visit your Settings page to customize your Twitch account with a profile picture, biography and your SoundCloud URL so new fans can follow you.  To go live, you’ll need a PC or Mac with a webcam and microphone, plus a USB audio interface to capture your sound.
You can use Twitch Studio (PC) or OBS (PC/Mac) to set up and customize your broadcast.

Twitch streams can open up new creative avenues

In addition to live performances, Twitch streams can open up new creative avenues through interactivity with chat; musicians on Twitch often host Q&A sessions with their fan communities, take live requests or even write songs based on chat feedback.  Make sure to drop your SoundCloud handle so you can continue to build these connections in the comments section of your tracks.

Get paid and promote your “live” gigs

With Affiliate status, fans can subscribe to your channel for ad-free viewing, extra perks, and the ability to cheer you on with Bits.
You can also run ads on your channel, link to music and merchandise stores, and allow fans to donate directly.  How has SoundCloud is partnering with Twitch affected you ? Let us know, share you thoughts on our Facebook page