SoundCloud CEO has stated ” Indeed, with live shows being cancelled and venues facing closure across the UK, US and Germany, it can be difficult to remain optimistic at times. Fortunately, businesses and communities are rallying together to remain resilient amidst the uncertainty of the future”.

SoundCloud’s support comes in the form of a set of initiatives, including a temporary half-price discount for those signing up to SoundCloud Pro Unlimited until 30 March. Alongside this, SoundCloud has partnered with Twitch to streamline online music performances and is also launching a daily artist guide with updates on how to maintain a career.

SoundCloud Pro Unlimited is the most premium of all artist subscriptions on the streaming platform, offering unlimited uploads of audio, lossless HD storage, analytic insights and access to SoundCloud Premier to those eligible, which allows artists to distribute their music to other services.

Partnering with Twitch means that creators signed up to SoundCloud Pro, SoundCloud Premier and Repost by SoundCloud can be fast-tracked to attain Twitch Affiliate status. This will allow artists to start earning money from Twitch streams, so connecting to fans and performing can still result in payment.

Keep The Music Going Guide is SoundCloud’s “source for daily updates on the best resources to support your career and maintain your well-being from across the web”, according to Trainer’s statement.