SCBLAST is a company that lets you as our client decide on the speed in which your service is delivered if you are choosing the slow option of course. If however you are buying normal speed then we will tell you that we are more than proud of the speed in which we produce our clients orders for them. You will receive a confirmation email to state that your order has been received and another one to state that it has been completed. Our normal speed is stated at twenty four to forty eight hours however you will notice that most of the time your order is completed much sooner than that. We like to over deliver on everything that we say and provide so if for example you purchased one thousand SoundCloud plays you will notice that you not only got more than you ordered but you received it well before you expected. The reason we can provide such a fast service is down to the fact that we are not using a third party to deliver your service, everything we provide is completed by our hard working marketing team in house.


There are several reasons why are prices are very low. One of the main ones is that we do not have to pay another service provider to deliver your order as everything is done in house. We are looking to build a long lasting relationship with our clients and do that we know we need to charge low prices but at the same time deliver high quality in both your order and the way you are taken care of by our company. We do understand that there are many companies out there charging high prices for low quality so we are capitalizing on that and providing you with the best of quality but at the lowest prices on the Internet as we have seen so far. We will price match any other company out there that does try to beat our prices but only if they are issuing you with a real service and not bot like services in which will have your SoundCloud profile banned. We will also offer you discounts for higher purchases and also if you would like to re sell our services.


How many times have you been to a SoundCloud provider or any other social media marketing website only to be spoken to by either a robot or worse… they do not have a customer support team at all. Our company boasts the fact that we provide our clients with around the clock both online and offline customer support so that no matter when you are in the world you can always be assisted. We base our company around customer service which is why we have an online customer support team which will be there every single day of the year. The customer support team gets a half day on Christmas day but your inquires will still be replied to within minutes by our email team. The reason we are so well know is we look after each and every person that decides to buy from us. We charge the lowest prices, provide in our eyes the best customer service possible and we deliver a real service not one that will have your SoundCloud account banned or suspended for a period of time. We are available through through three different emails which are shown at the bottom of our website, Skype, Phone and our online support.


SCBAST knows and understands that there are SoundCloud providers out there who will not deliver your order or take a longer time than expected to deliver a half decent service. This is why our company has decided to implement a 100 % money back guarantee which states that if you do not receive your order within the time frame that is stated on our website then you will receive all of your money back no questions asked. The only time that this would not apply is if you are buying one or more of our slow services as the time will all depend on yourself. We want each and every person who buys from us to feel completely comfortable and be in a position where you do not have to chase us to see where your order is. This is why we have our twenty four seven online customer support team and provide you with a confirmation email as well as a completed email. You must make sure that when you order from us that your account is made public, if it is private or country restricted then the service will be delayed however you will still receive an email asking for you to make it public.