In this weeks addition We will show you some SoundCloud tips and advice for you to be able to market your music the right way and how to stay with the current trends. We will also show you where to buy SoundCloud plays so you


SoundCloud is the largest and most important online music community and is still the 1st choice for many new upcoming artist it’s a perfect starting point. Soundcloud have disrupted the way we understand online music distribution. The reason for this is they give independent artists the space they need for DIY music promotion. They also offer tons of other useful tools as well. Using them effectively will amplify your project and get SoundCloud plays from the SoundCloud followers that matter thus helping to build your fan base .


Here we give you a few Soundcloud promotion tips and tricks to get your music heard .. Tag For Success ! How can fans find your music ? One of the best ways is to tag your your music , by tagging your music you are making yourself more likely to be seen when a listener is searching Soundcloud and the better your tags the easier it is for you to be found .


The best way to tag is be honest if you made a house or techno track be sure to set the main genre as electronic or house or techno also moods and location really help to your tags to be honest all this will greatly help and improve your chances of being seen . Maybe stick to one main genre to keep things clear Adding a bunch of genres won’t make your track any more findable. The more concise and accurate your tags are, the more easily your music will get discovered by the listeners.


Tag and link to your collaborators SoundCloud in the track description. Use an ‘@’ before their SoundCloud name to link their profile. It’s great for cross-promotion and telling the story of your process. let us know what SoundCloud tips and advice you have taken and used successfully.



The future of SoundCloud and what others might think of as a music platform in serious trouble however you may have recently heard me say SoundCloud isn’t going away. I am consistently looking at the future of SoundCloud and where I expect to see it. Today I’m here to tell you the exact same thing once again. In all caps. I’m happy to announce that together with investors The Raine Group and Temasek we’ve just wrapped up the largest financing round in the history of SoundCloud. This financing means SoundCloud remains strong & independent. Which is why there has been an increase in the amount of artists going to social media experts to buy SoundCloud plays. As I said, SoundCloud is here to stay.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been moved by the outpouring of commentary around SoundCloud’s unique & crucial role in driving what global culture is today (and what it will become tomorrow). You’ve told me how, without SoundCloud, there would be a giant gaping void in today’s world of music even when artists look at other areas such as YouTube to buy YouTube views, people still prefer SoundCloud as their number one choice to market their music on.


I’m excited to also announce that this new partnership also brings talent to our SoundCloud family. From prior Vimeo-fame (a platform we love!) comes Kerry Trainor and Mike Weissman, two awesome leaders who will be joining SoundCloud as CEO and COO, respectively. Wait, CEO? Am I leaving? No, absolutely not. After a decade of balancing the roles of Founder, CEO and Chairman I’m excited to hand the CEO reins over to Kerry to allow me to fully focus on the role of the Chairman and the long-term. This, I know, sets us up as an even greater team for the decade(s) to come.


10 years ago SoundCloud was just an idea Eric and I bounced around. Today it’s a platform essential to the shaping of songs, artists, genres and global culture. I can’t fathom how we’ve been so lucky as to create that. But what’s even better is this: we’re all just getting started. The first 10 years are done, and now we’re onto decade II. SoundCloud, just like music, will continue to evolve, but importantly, both will always be a key part of life. If you have enjoyed our content, leave a like, follow and share your thoughts on our Facebook page as we would love to hear from you !



SoundCloud is partnering with Twitch, how does this affect you and how are things going to shape up within the music industry ? We noticed that artist who went to buy SoundCloud followers we also going to buy Twitch followers. All SoundCloud Pro, SoundCloud Premier and Repost by SoundCloud artists can sign up for an account at Once your account is created, drop us a line via this form and Twitch will fast-track your channel to Affiliate status, letting you earn revenue from your streams right away. (Twitch will email you with an invitation to their affiliate program within a matter of days.)


Once you’re signed up, visit your Settings page to customize your Twitch account with a profile picture, biography and your SoundCloud URL so new fans can follow you.  To go live, you’ll need a PC or Mac with a webcam and microphone, plus a USB audio interface to capture your sound.
You can use Twitch Studio (PC) or OBS (PC/Mac) to set up and customize your broadcast.

Twitch streams can open up new creative avenues

In addition to live performances, Twitch streams can open up new creative avenues through interactivity with chat; musicians on Twitch often host Q&A sessions with their fan communities, take live requests or even write songs based on chat feedback.  Make sure to drop your SoundCloud handle so you can continue to build these connections in the comments section of your tracks.

Get paid and promote your “live” gigs

With Affiliate status, fans can subscribe to your channel for ad-free viewing, extra perks, and the ability to cheer you on with Bits.
You can also run ads on your channel, link to music and merchandise stores, and allow fans to donate directly.  How has SoundCloud is partnering with Twitch affected you ? Let us know, share you thoughts on our Facebook page



Today we look at 5 steps to sending the perfect demo tape and tips and tricks to be seen on different platforms. You are now ready to add ‘Music Producer’ to your bio. The five steps to sending the perfect demo tape. The obvious and fastest way to be seen is to buy SoundCloud plays or go to other providers where you can buy YouTube views for your music uploads but either way You’ve been making music for a while and found your sound. You’ve finished a couple of hot tracks and are ready to send them to record labels. Now it’s time to get your music heard and signed. Here are 5 easy steps to sending the perfect demo tapes to record labels via Write Rhythm.

Step 1 – Choosing Your Tracks

Select music you are 100% happy with. Get some close friends to give a listen to your tracks and keep the best ones. Focus on sending the tracks that you are most proud of. Record labels do not want to receive your entire catalog if they have never heard of you. If the record labels really love your selection, they are likely to ask you for more songs. If requested, send over the other tracks you have lying around.

Step 2 – Preparing for Sending

Do not even consider sending short demos or teasers. Send the full length tracks preferably 320 kbps. If the A&R department cannot hear the quality of the track, they are unlikely to come back to you asking for a better version. Instead, they will just get annoyed that you wasted their time and will never respond. Upload your selected tracks to a private Soundcloud link to make it easy for the receiver to play. Ensure you disable the free download option.

Step 3 – The Demo Submission Message

It’s time to write the email, but what on earth do you write to a record label? Put some thought into writing your demo submission. Keep in mind that you are asking a company to do business with you, so be professional about what you are writing to them. Compose a sleek demo submission email using our simple online form. Create an attention-grabbing subject line. In the body of your email, explain who you are, what your music is about, and what you are searching for. Include your personal details, track descriptions, press shots, album art and of course — links to your music. A number of formatting templates are available for you to personalize your email campaign and express your style as an artist.

Step 4 – Sending to the right Record Label(s)

Don’t bother anymore about looking up manually for the emails addresses of the record labels you are interested in. Once your demo submission email has been put together, Write Rhythm will then present you a filtered list of record labels that are relevant to your music. Behind the scenes, our service uses a filtration system to find appropriate record labels based on the information that you provided about yourself and your music. From here, you simply tick the boxes of the record labels you like and wish to send your demos too. The more record labels you choose, the more likely you get a record deal.

Step 5 – Be ready to respond

The fun part. Check your email inbox regularly for feedback and release offers from the record labels that dig what you do. Our advice, be responsive to all replies, but also be patient with your decisions. The A&R department are busy people and won’t always respond to your submissions immediately. Allow some time for responses before finalizing any offers. Do not sign the same track without communicating with the record labels involved.

Take The Credit

Any correspondence with the record labels following the demo submission is entirely up to you, so be professional. Write Rhythm has no part in the discussions or negotiation of agreements that follow on from any demo submissions, we are simply helping you get heard, and ultimately get signed. Let us know what you think about the the five steps to sending the perfect demo tape and how you are going to use them.



Can you make a living from your music with repost by SoundCloud ? First of we need to look at how can you can make a living from your music ? We will discuss how this is done from SoundCloud reposts. From uploading your first track to making money from your music, SoundCloud empowers you to take the next step at any stage of your career. We know you can buy SoundCloud reposts, we also know now more than ever you’re looking for ways to get heard, get paid and grow your audience, so we’re launching a new marketing and distribution engine: Repost by SoundCloud.


With Repost by SoundCloud, serious artists who want to take their career to the next level – while staying independent – can access professional marketing and monetization services and industry-leading distribution features, with priority chat support. We’re also introducing upstream opportunities into Repost Select by SoundCloud, our premium services program for artists on the rise. Do not always rely on reposts, you should buy SoundCloud plays or at least market your music on your own so that it opens up new ways to have your music repostsed.

Power Your Career With Repost By SoundCloud

Reach fans everywhere: Distribute music to Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and Instagram and every major music service around the globe Stand out and monetize on SoundCloud: Grow your audience and get paid for your plays with features exclusive to SoundCloud like track background artwork, banner click-throughs and monetization Plan releases like a pro: Make a living from your music, now You decide which marketing and promotional levers to pull. Pitch for playlists, set up pre-save campaigns, claim your content on YouTube, and pay collaborators simply with Split Pay

Get Priority Chat Support

Get priority chat support: You’ll be first in line when you have questions, need guidance or want to feel confident about your next step
Repost by SoundCloud is included with Pro Unlimited (or just $30 a year), and you keep 100% of your SoundCloud royalties plus 80% of the revenue we receive from other music services. And unlike other services, we offer a full suite of features and services for one all-inclusive price – no upsells.


Our artist services team is always looking for what’s next, so once you start gaining traction with Repost by SoundCloud, you could be invited to apply to Repost Select – our program for professional artists who want to unlock their potential and take their music full time. As part of Repost Select you’ll get support from a team of experts working to accelerate your career at your direction, first access to premium promotional opportunities, prime placement on custom music services and radio stations, and top consideration for funding from our new $10M artist accelerator program.  

If you need more info, check out our Creator Guide for answers to all of your FAQs. Already sold? You can sign up to start using Repost by SoundCloud HERE.

SoundCloud Announces $75 Million Investment

SoundCloud Announces $75 Million Investment

SoundCloud announces $75 million investment, what does this mean for current users and how does it affect new artists that join ? Why are artists now choosing more now that ever to buy SoundCloud plays and reposts ? Dive in and see how this affects you as a new or current artist.

The Announcement

SoundCloud and SiriusXM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRI) announced today that the leading U.S. audio entertainment company, SiriusXM, has invested $75 million in SoundCloud, the world’s largest open audio platform. SoundCloud will use this additional investment to accelerate its product development and enhance the services that fuel its global community of creators and listeners.

SoundCloud’s financial Performance

“SoundCloud’s three consecutive years of strong financial performance directly reflect the success of our creator-led growth strategy,” said Kerry Trainor, Chief Executive Officer, SoundCloud. “We have an exciting roadmap focused on deepening the connections between creators and listeners that fuel creator discovery, career growth and the evolution of music culture on SoundCloud. We’ve built a great relationship with SiriusXM through our highly successful Pandora ad sales agreement, and their investment gives us added capital flexibility to accelerate our vision and take advantage of strategic opportunities as they arise.”


“SoundCloud’s unique platform serves a vital role in today’s music ecosystem where new artists are discovered and build their fan base, and established artists experiment and connect directly with their fans in highly effective ways,” said Jim Meyer, Chief Executive Officer of SiriusXM. “We admire SoundCloud’s loyal and growing audience, its offering for creators, and its reputation and popularity in global music communities. We believe this is another opportunity to continue creating value for SiriusXM stockholders by investing in expanding digital audio platforms.”  This is why artists are using this platform to buy SoundCloud plays, likes and more on because it is the number one music platform out there today.

The Largest Audio Advertising Marketplace

The minority investment follows the highly successful ad sales relationship between SoundCloud and Pandora, a subsidiary of SiriusXM, which started in 2019. The agreement enables advertisers and brands to purchase SoundCloud’s U.S. ad inventory directly through Pandora, leveraging the company’s direct sales capabilities, targeting data, and audio programmatic platform. Together, SoundCloud and Pandora’s combined U.S. audience offering reaches more than 100 million unique listeners, creating the largest digital audio advertising marketplace.

SoundCloud is the global accelerator for music

SoundCloud is the global accelerator for music culture and has grown its business through the introduction of new products, services and partnerships that empower audio creators and listener discovery. The creator-driven platform continues to be the first place creators share their audio with the world and the first place listeners discover what’s next in music. Many of the most buzzed-about artists shaping music today – including Billie Eilish, Post Malone, Bad Bunny, Khalid, Lil Tecca, and more – started their careers first on SoundCloud.

All Time Highs

In 2019, SoundCloud set all-time highs for platform engagement, creators heard, subscribers and revenue. The company exited the year with its strongest financial performance in its history – accelerating to a $200 million forward revenue run-rate for the first time in the fourth quarter 2019.

Terms And Agreement

Under the terms of the agreement, SiriusXM has purchased $75 million of securities for a minority investment, and the SoundCloud Board of Directors will expand to include two individuals designated by SiriusXM.  The Raine Group served as financial advisor to SoundCloud, and Morrison & Foerster as its legal counsel. Allen & Company LLC served as financial advisor to SiriusXM, and Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP as its legal counsel.

About SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s largest open audio platform, powered by a connected community of creators, listeners, and curators on the pulse of what’s new, now and next in culture. Founded in 2007, SoundCloud empowers the world’s audio creators with the best tools, services, and resources to build and grow their careers. With over 200 million tracks from 25 million creators heard in 190 countries, what’s next in music is first on SoundCloud.

About SiriusXM

Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRI) is the leading audio entertainment company in the U.S., and the premier programmer and platform for subscription and digital advertising-supported audio products. Pandora, a subsidiary of SiriusXM, is the largest ad-supported audio entertainment streaming service in the U.S. SiriusXM and Pandora together reach more than 100 million people each month with their audio products. SiriusXM, through Sirius XM Canada Holdings Inc., also offers satellite radio and audio entertainment in Canada. In addition to its audio entertainment businesses, SiriusXM offers connected vehicle services to automakers and directly to consumers through aftermarket devices. Let us know how SoundCloud announces $75 million investment news helps you.



Are you looking to gain SoundCloud tips and advice to help you and your music take off ? Take a read and let us know what you think. Years ago, aspiring singers and musicians had a hard time getting their music out there for the world to hear even the most talented artist which is why artists, until now, buy SoundCloud likes, plays, followers, downloads, comments and repots. Now to get noticed things are different since now you have tools and services to help your chances of being heard and noticed , Soundcloud for instance has free tools to help you on your way and save you from selling your music on the streets with Soundcloud you have endless variety of ways share your music and passion .


We are not trying say its not still hard to make it big but with tools like soundcloud there are more opportunities than before easily upload your music follow other people and connect with other artist and even create opportunities to collaborate.Follow the lead of artist like post Malone and make a huge impact .


Take Kehali for instance she started her SoundCloud career in early 2015 and had a million total plays by the end of the year. It just goes to show that a few music uploads can bring the hype that might catapult a musician’s career. Soundcloud has done a really great job of becoming the go-to site for lesser-known acts to become famous many musicians take to the sprawling expanse that has made Soundcloud what it is today to share their work and develop meaningful fan bases often the go to service before appearing on something like Spotify its and excellent way to create a fan base that will intern follow you on other services like Spotify , iTunes etc and we have seen an increase in the amount of people who now buy Spotify followers.


For more SoundCloud tips stay tuned for next weeks addition and let us know what tips you took advantage of and how they have worked for you.



Spotify merge with SoundCloud ? Spotify is currently in advanced talks to purchase SoundCloud, the Financial Times reports. Spotify merging with SoundCloud ? Well Both streaming services are in talks ahead of Spotify’s IPO, and the streaming service has already attracted 100 million users worldwide along with 40 million subscribers. This has seen a big increase in people not only going to buy SoundCloud plays but also to buy Spotify plays ! News broke that Spotify merging with SoundCloud is going to have a dramatic impact on both sides for there users but in a good way. On the other hand, SoundCloud would compliment the streaming giant and has built the company by allowing artists to upload their music and share it with the world.


Thank SoundCloud for the rise of underground artists such as Lil’ Yachty, PartyNextDoor, Bryson Tiller, Kehlani, Post Malone and many others. Unfortunately, the music platform has stalled in raising money and remains at the $170 million evaluation it reached in 2014. Many reports speculated that Twitter would purchase the company, but the social media outlet invested a cool $70 million in SoundCloud last June. The deal would certainly give Spotify another edge over rival Apple Music, which recently reached 17 million subscribers of their own.



SoundCloud is the world’s largest open audio platform and what we are looking at today is the SoundCloud 2020 news and updates in which have happened and what we expect to happen over the coming months. SoundCloud is powered by a connected community of creators, listeners, and curators on the pulse of what’s new, now and next in culture. Founded in 2007. 


SoundCloud empowers the world’s audio creators with the best features, services, and resources to build and grow their careers. With over 200 million tracks from 25 million creators heard in 190 countries, what’s next in music is first on SoundCloud. February 4, 2020, New York, NY — SoundCloud’s live event platform for aspiring and emerging creators, the SoundCloud Creator Forum, is headed to Toronto for a three day experience open to all creators (Feb. 19-21). There is no surprise artists are going to social media providers to buy SoundCloud followers from. This network is not slowing down for anyone and looking back, the first Canadian edition of the forum follows recent events in Amsterdam, Atlanta and Miami, and is focused on empowering creators to take their career to the next level.


With everything happening in the world from Covid19 to countries at war, there seems to be a dramatic rise in the amount of users that are tuning into to ease the mind. Other music platforms are opening up for artists to promote their music, we have seen a large number of people going to buy Spotify plays during this pandemic. There is also a lot of artist who are taking advantage of this pandemic by writing new lyrics and uploading them to SoundCloud. In collaboration with The Remix Project, the three day event includes workshops, panels and open sessions including Intersessions: Girls can DJ with Chippy Nonstop, and panel discussions on growing your career in and out of Canada by homegrown artists and industry executives. The three day lineup wraps with a music showcase featuring TOBi, Amaal Nuux, Jayd Ink, DJ Rose-gold and special guests to be announced, followed by the SoundCloud x Un-disposable After-party. Stay tuned for more SoundCloud news and updates in next weeks addition,

SoundCloud Rolls Out SoundCloud Go+

SoundCloud Rolls Out SoundCloud Go+

SoundCloud rolls out SoundCloud GO+ in four new European markets. How does this affect you and how can you take advantage ? Why are more artists now rushing to buy SoundCloud likes, followers, downloads, comments and reposts ? Lets talk…

SoundCloud Go+ now available in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

March 25th, New York, NY – SoundCloud today launched SoundCloud Go+, its premium listener subscription plan, in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. While music fans in these countries already have access to the hottest emerging artists, DJ sets, remixes, and more, the introduction of SoundCloud Go+ unlocks features including offline sync, no advertising, and high-quality audio streaming–plus access to SoundCloud’s full catalog. In addition, creators can now earn revenue from their plays in these new markets.

SoundCloud rolls out SoundCloud GO+ means you can now have more control

As long as your in the stated countries above. It would be interesting to see what would happen when and if they make this a worldwide feature. “SoundCloud is the first place listeners go to discover what’s next in music, and connect with the vibrant community of creators, curators and fellow listeners directly, using tools like comments and messaging,” said Anthony Gabriele, Senior Vice President, Subscriptions & Marketing, SoundCloud. “SoundCloud Go+ unlocks access to SoundCloud’s full catalog and allows fans to take their music anywhere, anytime, while financially supporting the more than 25 million creators who are building and growing their careers on the platform.”

Music fans in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden can now enjoy SoundCloud in the following ways

SoundCloud Go+: The premium subscription plan offering listeners full access to over 200M tracks, ad-free and offline. New subscribers can take advantage of a free, 30-day trial, after which a monthly subscription fee applies.

SoundCloud Go+ for Students:

Students can experience all the benefits of a SoundCloud Go+ subscription at half the price.

SoundCloud Pro Unlimited discount:

Creators who subscribe to SoundCloud Pro Unlimited, SoundCloud’s premium creator subscription, can add a SoundCloud Go+ subscription for half the price. Creators can unlock all of the benefits of SoundCloud Go+, and can access SoundCloud’s integrations with leading DJ software companies Serato, Pioneer DJ, Native Instruments, Algoriddim and more. To take advantage of this offer and learn more about SoundCloud’s DJ software integrations, visit SoundCloud’s free experience: The free experience listeners love is still available and now supported by advertising.

SoundCloud Go+ is available through SoundCloud’s existing apps in the iOS

App Store and Google Play Store, or by logging on to SoundCloud offers a free, 30-day trial of SoundCloud Go+, after which a monthly subscription fee applies:

  • Denmark: 99 kr (Web/Android) or 129 kr (iOS) per month
  • Finland: €9.99 (Web/Android) or €12.99 (iOS) per month
  • Norway: 109 kr (Web/Android) or 149 kr (iOS) per month
  • Sweden: 99 kr (Web/Android) or 129 kr (iOS) per month

SoundCloud Go+ and SoundCloud’s free, ad-supported experience

These are now available in 19 countries including the US, UK, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden which is why people from those countries are going to buy SoundCloud plays, gain a credible profile and then take advantage of the new feature.


Audio, in-stream native and video advertising on SoundCloud will be provided by Concept CPH. All advertising solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into the SoundCloud experience and provide brands with a variety of ways to connect with its highly engaged audience of young and influential taste makers. The introduction of advertising ensures listeners can continue to experience SoundCloud for free, as well as offer creators the opportunity to be paid for the work they share. SoundCloud Go+ subscribers can opt out of these ads, enjoying uninterrupted listening as part of their subscription.

About SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s largest open audio platform, powered by a connected community of creators, listeners, and curators on the pulse of what’s new, now and next in culture. Founded in 2007, SoundCloud empowers the world’s audio creators with the best tools, services, and resources to build and grow their careers. With over 200 million tracks from 25 million creators heard in 190 countries, what’s next in music is first on SoundCloud.