We would like to take the time to welcome you to one of the fastest growing online SoundCloud providers out there today ! We will explain more about us and why we are the leading SoundCloud provider out there today. When you buy SoundCloud plays or any of our other services you are setting your account up to be noticed. The first and most important thing to cover is the fact that every service that you buy from us is coming from real, active users who have been directed to your page due to our unique marketing techniques in which have been proved and tested to work. Your account is completely safe and secure. We offer a money back guarantee if your order is not completed within the time you see on our website. You will notice at the bottom right hand side of our website that we provide around the clock online customer support, we also have a contact form as well as the option to send us a direct email. Our company is all about customer service which you find out once you have made an inquiry and or purchase.


Our company originally dealt with record labels and high profile clients such as famous artists but as we have grown and more people started hearing about our services and the quality in which we provide, we decided to open our services to members of the public but at the same price as our high profile clients are receiving them for. This means that you can buy SoundCloud plays or any other service that you see we offer at the same price which is also at a lower cost than any other online social media provider offers them at. You will notice that we offer our services in random numbers apposed to round numbers, this is due to the fact that your account will look very odd if you have exactly 1,000 plays as an example. We want to mix things up for you, give you a better chance to rank within this music sharing network as well as provide you with a service that you are more than impressed with.


Our company is very different from other online SoundCloud providers for more than one or two reasons. The fact that what we are offering is real people visiting your account speaks volumes. You may have noticed that you have went to buy SoundCloud likes from another company but then the likes have been removed after a day or two. This not only damages your credibility but you will end up having your account suspended. We are also one of few SoundCloud providers that can speed up or slow down the service you have requested. You can find the slow services as an option for each service. This allows you to determine how many days you want your plays, likes, followers, downloads and or comments spread over. Our company is also offering you the chance to save money by spreading the service you have purchased over different songs that you have uploaded.


We have made life very simple for our clients. Each and everything that we provide is a simple pay as you go service. There is no sign up needed, we do not need any personal information. The only two important things that we need when you buy SoundCloud plays or any other service that we provide is your song link as well as your contact email. Your contact email is ONLY use to send you an email once you have made an order and then another email once your order has been completed. Your information is never stored, we do not bombard you with emails and will only send you promotional offers if you have requested it. If you do have any questions or need assistance in anyway you can speak to our trained online customer service agents as they are working around the clock to meet your needs. You can pay through either PayPal, debit or credit card depending on what you feel most comfortable with.


Within our website you will see different amounts that we offer for each service. The ones you are looking at are the most popular that are bought by our clients and people who visit our website, however, we can provide any amount you require so if you do want more than what is currently shown then you can either speak to one of our trained online customer service agents who will provide you a discount for a higher amount purchased or you can directly email us. There is also no limit on the amount of times that you buy our services, you are in complete control. Whether you are looking to buy SoundCloud followers or any other service, the sky is the limit. We can customize a package for you as well as thrown in some freebies for high purchases.


Upon doing our research and looking around at what other SoundCloud providers are offering, we never come across the option for clients to be able to spread their plays or other services across different songs which is why we really push this. It is so important that you mix things up and not just focus on one song that is more popular than others. When you buy SoundCloud plays or any other service that we provide apart from followers you will notice that you can spread your order over multiple links. It is important to understand that there is a minimum of one hundred plays, likes, downloads, or reposts when you do want to spread them. When you spread the service across different songs that you have uploaded you will not only be saving money as you will not have to buy for each song you have but you will also increase your ranking position within the largest music sharing network on the planet.


This is one thing that we had noticed was in high demand from people who were coming across our services. The fact that we are our own SoundCloud provider puts us in a great position. It allows us to offer random numbers when you purchase, it allows us to slow down or speed up the service in which you are looking to have added to your SoundCloud account. We have created a unique service where you as the client is in full control. We understand that it can be frustrating if all of your plays, likes, comments, downloads, followers and or reposts are added within hours. Although some people do want that, it will not help your rankings within this music sharing network and it will not look real to people who come and visit your profile on a regular basis. It is so important for SoundCloud to see that you have consistent traffic going to your songs on a daily basis if you are going to rank higher within their search engine.


We deal with famous artists, record labels and high profile music agencies and we will tell you exactly what we have had meetings with them about. When you buy any of our services NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW that you have paid for them to be added. Client confidentiality is our top priority. Your information is never stored after your order has been completed. The only information that we keep hold of is the contact email that you provide when you buy our services and that is only used to email you a confirmation of received order and then again one your order has been completed. You can request to opt out of special promotions that we provide on a weekly basis in which your email will be removed from our secure system. Conversations that you have with our online customer support team are recorded for training purposes and for us to find more ways to improve their customer service towards you as our client. You have nothing to worry about when you buy SoundCloud plays or any other service that we provide.


You may have used another online SoundCloud provider but have had the unfortunate experience where you either did not get what you requested or even worse, you received it but then you noticed that the service you paid for started to disappear. This would put anyone off from then looking to purchase from another company which is why we state all the way through our website that when you buy SoundCloud likes or any other service for that matter, they are coming from real people who have been directed to a song or songs of your choice due to our unique marketing skills. We offer fifty free plays with no strings attached just to show you that what we are offering is real along with a money back guarantee that states that if you do not receive your order within the time frame stated you will receive a full refund no questions asked. Our goal is to help you create a credible SoundCloud profile which is never overlooked and ranks well within this networks search engine which is what we have been very successful at doing for the clients we currently have.


When you buy SoundCloud plays you have the chance to increase the amount of likes, comments, downloads and reposts you get. This is because the plays we provide are coming from real people. When you buy SoundCloud followers the same applies, the more people that follow you the more plays you are going to get. You will notice that we offer you the chance to get free SoundCloud plays, no ties or hidden fees, we want you to test our service out and make you feel comfortable so that we can build a long working relationship. Whether you buy SoundCloud likes, get soundcloud followers or want to boost downloads on SoundCloud, we are here to help.


How many times have you went to buy SoundCloud plays or any other service to boost your SoundCloud profile but have been slightly worried that you will not receive your order or you receive it but it is not what you expected ? This is why our company offers a full one hundred per cent money back guarantee that states that if you do not receive your order within the time frame stated within our website then you will receive a full refund no questions asked. We never want our clients to feel uncomfortable or worried when they purchase our services which is another reason that we provide around the clock customer service support. The one thing you will need to do when you buy any of our services is to make sure your SoundCloud account is made public, if it is private we will not be able to boost your numbers and complete your order. You will always receive an email requesting to make it public but to avoid time delays you must ensure that your profile is public.